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Since 1988 BAGGIO TECNOLOGIE has directed all its effort and production program to the development of machines for the tanning industry, with particular attention to that segment of the leather processing which concerns operations performed from dyeing and finishing. The great importance of the rigorous working rationalization process, it has always been a valid reason for us to propose to our clients our technologies which now, are clearly seen and appreciated. The stretching- staking machines (multi heads), the octagonal milling drums, the conditioner tunnels, the new continuous vacuum dryers, the sammying machines, and dyeing machines are the current production. Since 2005 with the acquisition of the brand “TB TANNERY MACHINE“ we add it to our product range also the vacuum dryers (TIARA), the embossing and ironing machine (VAROLL), and plates (SECOTHERM). By promoting these equipments, we wish to spread more and more our technology amongs the tanners, stressing out the fact that all this is the result of experience, hard work and dedication.